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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs 2014

As you are interested in the best ergonomic office chairs you already know what it is all about as much as I do. The pain of perching on a stiff piece of furniture all day, the question of concentrating on your work or the discomfort of your back and about limbs that fall asleep… Whether you go to an office everyday or you work at home like myself, acquiring good ergonomic chairs is an investment with substantial returns because it not only raises your living quality and ease health concerns but it also increases the overall productivity of you and your employees. There are many types of ergonomic chairs. The ones covered in this review are all intended for average workplace use. I have selected some of the best selling ergonomic office chairs for you and tried to impartially show their strong points as well as weaknesses. This should give you a general idea about each of these products. It is then up to you to choose the best office chair you want to spend your work hours on.
How to Decide the Most Comfortable Office Chair
Ergonomics is now an indispensable concern in office design and adjustable seats that promote efficiency have long ceased to be fancy accessories and are now a basic element of the modern workspace. Many features are now standard in office chairs and you should make sure that these are found in the ergonomic chairs you buy for your office. The first one is the adequate padding in the seat part and arms. You do not want to sit on hard wood nor do you want your elbows to suffer when you are typing. As for the back part, I suggest you to look for mesh rather than traditional textile stuff and padding. The main advantage of mesh is the ventilation it provides. Even with all the air conditioning tech that rule our office lives nowadays, the sweating of your back in the chair remains a brake on your work efficiency. Needless to say that adjustability and leaning ability of the arms and the back are your main concern in an ergonomic chair as these features are what ergonomics is all about. Lumbar support has become something we hear all too often nowadays but that doesn't make it any less important so make sure there is something that will keep your body comfortable around the lower parts of the back of the chair. Durability is also an issue. Buying the tough chair even if it costs a bit more is advised if you are not planning to use your ergonomic chair as fireplace fuel after one year. Finally, you should take care of the price differences. Sometimes the same chair can be found in ridiculously different prices. I have read about a customer grieving that she paid 190$ for a Flash Furniture Chair, which is about 50$ on Amazon.
If you just want a seat that has padding to keep you comfortable and you do not wish to pay any more than $100, you should have a look at these. Cheap office chairs can also be a solution if you need to buy chairs in bulk to furnish an office and you are on a budget.

Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12
Known as O12 or H12, this could hardly be called a good chair but it is on this list for a few reasons. First, it is the cheapest chair you will ever come across. Second, it does enjoy some decent sales. Finally, I like red and it is available in red. So if you want a red chair that is also very cheap, you can consider this one although it does have its caveats.
There are indeed several problems with this chair on issues that range from installation to durability. The parts of the chair are apparently not well-made because people often have a hard time putting the chair together. The bolts that are supposed to keep the chair together don't match the holes making it impossible to join the parts. Next, it is obviously one of the stiffest chairs out there let alone being comfortable. It is also reportedly quite small and not suitable for big people. Finally, some customers managed to break these as early as in the first two weeks. You should not be expecting a lot of durability from such a cheap chair but two weeks is too short a lifetime even at this price..
To sum up, the chair at hand is cheap and cute but not quite comfortable or well-built. I still like the red color though.

Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12
Amazon Price: $29.99

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Computer Chair
Flash Furniture chair is another popular item at the lower price range. This used to be the best selling office chair but recently it has lost some of its popularity and is being rated quite low by customers.
The good thing about Flash Furniture Computer Chair is that it is cheap and still has the basic stuff you want in an office chair: Padded seat, mesh back, arm rests and height adjustment. There is no surprise that people find it comfortable as a seat as long as you don't be pushy with the armrests, which are reportedly quite wobbly.
The bad thing is that there are no adjustments other than height. That means you will have little leeway to fit in your body or lean back a bit when you are tired. Also, the chair is not very durable. Arm rests and the back part are the parts that break most often. The issues are even worse if you are not very petite.
Long story short, Flash Furniture Computer Chair does function as a seat. It is obviously not as good as the Basyx chair by HON but if you definitely want someting with armrests, this one is the cheap office chair you've been looking for.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair
Amazon Price: $50.96
List Price: $289.00
basyx by HON
Basyx has become the best selling cheap office chair because it offers quality you would not expect to get at such a low price range.
What makes this one stand out from other cheap chairs is that there are quite few reports of Basyx chair breaking in a short time. Despite the low cost, it appears to have a tough build. In general, people love this chair and they rate it very highly calling it a very comfortable chair. Both the seat and the back is well-padded and that's another plus.
HON's chair is quite adjustable for the price. It has a pneumatic lift feature and back tilt tension adjustment. That's nothing to be compared to the expensive office chairs on the market but it is definitely better than other chairs with similar price.
Unfortunately, Basyx lacks arm rests and the mesh on the back part does not look very breathable. However, given the overall decent price to performance ratioit offers, I cannot do anything but recommend this chair as the best office chair under $100.

basyx by HON HVL210 Task Chair for Office or Computer Desk, Black
Amazon Price: $64.05
List Price: $179.00

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